Stephanie CHOI
Stephanie CHOI
Founder, OurConservatory

Stephanie is a volunteer consultant at HKSEIC, where she is working on expanding potential funding sources for its social enterprises. She is also the founder of OurConservatory, an impact investing brokerage that attempts to offer curated advisory services to both investors and investees to facilitate social fundraising.

Stephanie has over 10 years’ experience at Citigroup, where she advised institutional investors ranging from global pension funds to multi-asset hedge funds on their investments. In this capacity, she has built a foundation of market knowledge, investment principles and an investor network in Asia as well as Europe.

With this experience, she has developed passion and belief in expanding the scope of traditional investments, and the importance of finding synergies between financial, strategic and social investment objectives.

Stephanie holds an Economics degree from the University of Cambridge, where she was also awarded a Prince Philip Scholarship.