Southern District @2017




Date : 2017.10.26

Time : 4:00pm – 7:00pm

Venue : Aberdeen Kaifong Welfare Association Services Centre

Theme : Well Being in Our Community

The theme for the Southern District Hackathon this year is “Well Being in Our Community”. The Hackathon aimed at 3 main areas of teen development: namely “Learning”, “Recreation” and“Interaction”. A number of teenagers have introduced several innovative ideas, participants were invited to discuss the practical proposals with them during the Hackathon as well.

Discussion topics included:
1. Utilising abandoned schools
2. Utilising the idle hours and space of restaurants
3. Revitalising the Aberdeen seashore area
4. A drama proposal showcasing the idea of “Crowdfunding” through the connection of various stakeholders of the district

Event Specials

Group Photo in Southern Hackathon


Community Tour 

Date : 2017.11.5

Time : 2:00pm – 5:00pm

A walk with literature: we go timetravelling and revisit the places where four of the most influential authors and educationist in modern China history
roamed - Eileen Chang, Hu Shih, Cai Yuanpei, and Xiao Hong.

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Group Photo in Community Tour


School Talk 

Date : 2017.12.7

Time : 7:00pm – 9:45pm

Venue : The University of Hong Kong

Theme : Social Innovation & Cross-sector Collaboration


Event Specials

Group Photo in School Talk