Social Enterprise Summit 2019

Social Enterprise Summit 2019


Track 2: Designing Good Finance
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Social Finance for Happy Cities

How do we build modern cities that balance growth and sustainability? How can we catalyse social and innovative finance to facilitate the development of better cities? Urban cities around the world face critical social and environmental challenges, from unaffordable housing to the lack of equitable access to quality education and healthcare services among marginalized communities. As we develop innovative ideas to grow cities based on a sustainable future, we also need to discover new and collaborative ways to fund solutions. Social finance and innovative funding models can play a vital role to unlock more capital to solve pressing social and environmental issues. This session will explore what these new funding models should look like and how they can be used as a tool to promote sustainable growth for the betterment of cities.


Global Lead, Partnerships and Development, Social Enterprise and Creative and Inclusive Economies, British Council, HK


Director of Innovation & Investment Team: Social Innovation and Investment, The Young Foundation, UK
Director of Innovation and Social Investment, Traverse, UK
Head of Innovative Finance, UBS Optimus Foundation, Switzerland