Past Summits

Social Enterprise Summit 2015

The "Social Enterprise Summit 2015-International Symposium" was held on November 1 (Sunday). This year, more than 40 internationally renowned leaders, entrepreneurs and heavyweights from China, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, Nigeria and the local region will share the development of social enterprises around the world for two consecutive days with the theme of “Reframing+”.The conference also held a "SE Food Festival" at the same venue, which has a number of social enterprises and sold special foods. SE Food Festival has created a platform to let social enterprises enter the community and serve the neighborhoods, in addition to enhancing the social image in the community. At the same time, social enterprises can have a  better understand to needs of the community.

The event was held at the Southorn Stadium in Wan Chai. The meeting invited Mr. Lau Kong-Wah, JP, Secretary of the Home Affairs Bureau, Dr. Jane Lee, Chair of Organising Commettee of Social Enterprise Summit, Mr. Alan Cheung, Chairman of the Social Entrepreneur Forum, Mr. TSANG Yok Sing, Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong Policy Institute, Hong Kong Ms. Anita FUNG Yuen-mei, President of Shanghai HSBC Bank Hong Kong, and Mr. Chua Hoi Wai, Vice Chairman of Social Enterprise Summit, Dr. K K Tse , and Ms. Ada Wong, together unveiled the ceremony.

The first international symposium was held after the opening ceremony. The session included Mr. Xu Yong Guang, Chairman of Nandu Charity Foundation and Chairman of the China Social Enterprise, Ms. Tiffany Jana, CEO of TMI Consulting Inc., and Dr. Joseph Lee, President of Wofoo Social Enterprises. The three shared the latest developments in China, the United States, and the development of social enterprises in Hong Kong around social innovation.

To tie in with the unveiling of the International Symposium, the "SE Food Festival" was held at the same venue to allow social enterprises entering the community and serve the neighbourhood. Participating in social enterprises included Sunshine Fruit Co., Ltd., which employed single parents and hearing impaired persons to make cakes, fair stacks for promoting fair trade and healthy food, paying attention to the needs of grassroots "chai oil and salt", refueling Hong Kong, selling environmentally friendly food and supplies, hiring and training a group. The green home of "Green Almighty Aachen", the Dragon City Bread Workshop for ethnic minorities to join the community, and the entrepreneurial coffee shop.