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Track 3: Designing for Social Inclusion
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ReWirement for Good

A whole range of emerging trends is compelling us to rethink the concept and practice of retirement. People are living much longer and many may reach 100 years old and beyond. They are living healthier and will have a few decades of active life beyond retirement. Many are keen to engage in some kind of productive work to continue contribute to the society even though they may have officially retired. Sadly, a growing number of senior citizens are not having the financial means to enjoy the unexpected longevity. All these point to the need for a paradigm shift on how people should do and lead their lives after the end of their work career.

‘ReWirement’ appears to be an alternative and it is likely to displace the out-dated notion of retirement in the decades to come. ReWirement refers to the fundamental rethinking of how one should plan and actualize their living so that they could live an exciting, fulfilling and rewarding life after they stop working for a living.


Policy Researcher, Our Hong Kong Foundation, HK
Founding Chair and CEO Education for Good CIC Ltd.
Founder, Nation for Future Seniors, Singapore