Social Enterprise Summit 2019

Social Enterprise Summit 2019


Track 3: Designing for Social Inclusion
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From PwD to PoD

We are living in a society with different labels. Such as 'People with Disabilities' (PwD), emphasizing their weakness and powerless, is a kind of discrimination leading to social exclusion. We should in fact value each individual as 'People of Differences' (PoD) as they are differently abled with their own strength and talent. 'From PwD to PoD' is a de-stigmatization process to re-define their individual and social identities. With decent employment opportunities, PoDs can be a valuable social capital. It will also unleash the implicit perception towards capability and productivity of PoDs by repositioning them as a stable and loyal labour force for the society. Through dignified and productive employment, we are co-creating an inclusive workplace embracing inclusion and diversity.


Managing Director, Dialogue Experience


Head of Job Coach Department and SIA Program Director, Inclusion Factory, China
Founder, Shenzhen Link Accessibility Co., Ltd, China
Co-Founder and Executive Manager, CareER Association Limited, HK