Social Enterprise Summit 2018

Social Enterprise Summit 2018

Hall 5G

The Social Enterprise Summit is delighted to have the presence of Mr Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, GBM, GBS, JP, Chief Secretary for Administration of HKSAR Government to be the honourable guest for the Opening Ceremony and kick off the 3-day international symposium this year.

The Social Enterprise Summit is entering a new and exciting decade, this year our conversations will be organised around the theme of "Innovating for a Happier Society". In order to create positive sustainable social changes we must appeal to the universal goal of happiness as social entrepreneurs, innovators, collaborators from other sectors such as businesses, academics and government are all working towards such a direction for the people and communities. 

Two heavy-weight keynote speakers – Mr Mark Cheng from UK and Ms Paula DiPerna from US are invited to share their views towards the social entrepreneurship/innovation movement as is today. Our keynote speakers will talk about what social entrepreneurship has come to mean; bottlenecks and breakthroughs to achieve social impact and how empowering "everyone to be a changemaker" is the route to creating a happier society. They will also engage in stimulating conversations with our Guest of Honour and selective Organising Committee members.

Prof. Alex Nicholls, Professor of Social Entrepreneurship at University of Oxford will share his breath of experiences in response to Mark Cheng on how the different sectors, economies and communities are taking parts in innovative social entrepreneurship developments.

Keynote Speakers

Special Adviser, CDP
Managing Director, Ashoka Europe

Key Respondent

Professor of Social Entrepreneurship, Said Business School, University of Oxford, UK
Editor, Journal of Social Entrepreneurship


Executive Director, Charities & Community, The Hong Kong Jockey Club, HK
Make A Difference Institute

Convenor & Director
Good Lab Foundation

Deputy Chair
Social Enterprise Summit