Social Enterprise Summit 2019



Founder, Shenzhen Link Accessibility Co., Ltd, China

Mr. Link LEUNG, the founder of Shenzhen Link Accessibility Co.,Ltd, with 8 years of experience in strategic management, fundraising ,financial, and down-to-earth implementation from organizations including Accessibility Research Association, Shenzhen Zheng Weining Charity Foundation and Shenzhen Canyou Group. Since 2011, he has been committed to promoting social inclusion and integration via accessibility, like computer training for visually impaired people. And after Mr. Link LEUNG took the helm of the Accessibility Research Association (ARA), he established Link Accessibility as a social enterprise to extend more services for the disabled population, scale up the social impact, and meantime achieve financial sustainability. So far, it has provided solutions for about 40 mainstream internet productions, including WeChat, Taobao, AliPay, car-hailing company Didi, Huawei, Microsoft and so on. Meanwhile, he has realized the importance of collective impact and then fostered the establishment of Accessibility Products Alliance. Looking forward to the future, he has made up his mind to fight for people to enjoy modern civilization fairly, conveniently and indistinguishably.