Social Enterprise Summit 2019



Mr Eddie RONG
Mr Eddie RONG
Co-Founder, HEYCOINS, HK

Mr. Eddie Rong is the Co-Founder of HEYCOINS, which is one of the promising FinTech Startups in the Big Bay Area of China. HEYCOINS is a company that is educating and leading general public to FinTech World by using physical coins in circulations. Eddie is a young and passionate entrepreneur with formal backgrounds in Finance and Risk Management. He was born in Mainland China and came to Hong Kong for schools 8 years ago. Graduating from Lingnan University, which is the only liberal arts university in Hong Kong, and he is currently the holder of Senior Associate Certified Insurance Professionals under Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance. Before starting the venture of HEYCOINS in Hong Kong, Eddie was working as the Management Associate at FWD Life Insurance Company. He also has multi-sector experiences in various companies across China, Singapore, and the United States: including China Taiping Reinsurance (Hong Kong), Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Kunming City, China), Pan Pacific Hotels Group (Singapore) and Neusoft Corporation (Dalian, China). Eddie has dedicated his life to the Startup Ecosystem in & out of Hong Kong and he has helped to establish the trend of Social Impacts Investment under "The Belt and Road Initiative". He strongly believes that "being an entrepreneur, we have the responsibility to build a better world in a socially good way."