Social Enterprise Summit 2020

Social Enterprise Summit 2020


Track 3: Sustainability and Business
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Empowerment to Create a More Sustainable Normal

As we are living in the new normal of COVID-19 where global economy has been suffered greatly, consumers and stakeholders from different sectors have woken up to the fact that the systemic flaws underlying the profit maximization model of corporations have its part to play in climate change. The combined effect is an awakening that the resilience of corporations during a crisis of this scale lies in doing well by doing good. Global leaders have been on the hunt for a better alternative to provide products and services that drive positive changes for both the society and the environment. In this session, speakers from a B Corp, a conglomerate and an environmental tech company will reveal their insights on empowering consumers and public to pursue a more sustainable normal.


Head of Sustainability, New World Development Company Limited, HK & General Manager of Sustainability, K11 Concepts Limited, HK
President, RWDC, Singapore