Social Enterprise Summit 2019

Social Enterprise Summit 2019


Concluding Interactive Session

To recognise local social innovators and to encourage participants who aspire to create social changes, this year’s Summit will end with a concluding session “Young Social Innovators Showcase”. The session will start with probing the question “Why social impact is important?” Renowned young social innovators in Hong Kong will then share their own journeys.

Join us on this Happy Saturday to meet face to face with inspiring and proactive leaders of NGO/social enterprises. You will also get to participate through the “Human Library” discussions to find out all about designing a fascinating journey of innovation that leads to a happy and rewarding career pathway.



Founder and CEO
Chief Campaigner
Roundtable Community


Non-Executive director, Adventurous Global Schools Charity, HK
Founding Chairman, Adventurous Global Schools Charity
Founder and Managing Director, Full Circle Education Group, HK
Chief Executive, InspiringHK Sports Foundation
Founder, Eldpathy
Co-Founder, HEYCOINS, HK
Co-Founder, Rooftop Republic, HK