Social Enterprise Summit 2018

Social Enterprise Summit 2018

Track 4: Collaborating for Happiness
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Under globalisation, information technology revolution and an innovation-based economy, the world is changing in an unprecedented scale and pace. The way we educate our younger generation shall also make changes. Learning is an organic process – we keep an open mind on knowledge, we teach and learn and adapt to changes, and we co-create to come up with new ideas. How can we – teachers, government, business leaders and every practitioner in the education sector – develop a teaching philosophy that grows leaders for a better future? How can we empower and educate our young generation to develop resilience, originality, and core competencies to navigate through changes to thrive in life?


Emeritus Professor, Division of Policy, Administration and Social Sciences Education, The University of Hong Kong
Co-founder, Big Picture Learning, US


Make A Difference Institute

Convenor & Director
Good Lab Foundation

Deputy Chair
Social Enterprise Summit