Mrs Rebecca YUNG

Mrs Rebecca YUNG
Chair, Organising Committee of Social Enterprise Summit


Social Enterprise Summit is the flagship conference on social innovation and social entrepreneurship in the Asia Pacific region. The 2018 Summit is entering into the beginning of a new decade, consolidating the experiences with delegates from the civic society, business corporations, government and academic sectors from Hong Kong, Asia and other parts of the world, in a strong momentum to witness the up and coming innovations.

Our theme this year is “Innovating for a Happier Society”. The thread to seamless cross-sector collaborations and initiatives is to create a happier society for all.  Whether that would mean involving the business sectors to invigorating themselves to become B-Corporations or simply placing greater emphasis on corporate social innovations.  Whether that will cultivate new financial models such as pay for success or a financial shift to impact investment. Whether we will go through the means of art and design innovations.  It does not matter how we will form a stronger circular economy, we will empower all sectors and communities to team up ultimately for exciting innovations and a happier society.

The international symposium will bring together around 40 speakers from the U.S., the U.K., Australia, Chile, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Mainland, Taiwan, and Hong Kong to discuss the future of social innovation. Our community activities will be held in six different districts in Hong Kong. Our academic partnerships will engage in stimulating discussions and identify ways to further involve our youths for a better future.

I must emphasise the key to a successful summit could not happen without the unfailing commitment and support of the HKSAR government, our sponsors, our partners, and social innovators from Hong Kong, Asia and different parts of the world. Our sincere gratitude to all of you and look forward to working towards an exciting summit in November.