Social Enterprise Summit 2019

Social Enterprise Summit 2019


Track 1: Designing Happy Business
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Business Eco-system

A business eco-system consists of competitors, partners, complementary businesses, relevant products and technology and service suppliers. In this session, guest speakers will use overseas and local examples to illustrate how to find the right place in a business eco-system and to understand the concept of ‘co-opetition’. Values can be added if a business can increase its own strength while overcoming its partner’s weaknesses.


Make A Difference Institute

Convenor & Director
Good Lab Foundation

Deputy Chair
Social Enterprise Summit


Director, B Lab, UK
Co-Founder & Co-Chairman, COOK, UK
Founder and Lead Curator, Design Thinking in Action (DTIA) HK
Co-Founder and CEO, Dory Network Technology Ltd., HK
Founder & CEO, Social Enterprise Insights, Tai Wan