Social Enterprise Summit 2018

Social Enterprise Summit 2018


We all recognise that global capitalism is at the crossroads. There have emerged in different parts of the world a number of movements to rethink, reinvent, and transform the capitalist enterprise. The B Corp movement is one of them. There are currently some 2,700 Certified B Corps globally. This is a small number, but the momentum is growing. What is more, this relatively small group of companies is providing inspiration and leadership to accelerate the much-needed transformation of the business world. In Asia, the B Corp movement is at the infant stage, with less than 100 Certified B Corps in the region. We are taking advantage of the presence of a number of overseas B Corp CEOs in Hong Kong to organise this Forum to facilitate the exchange and generation of ideas to build the movement. Anyone interested in contributing to spreading the B Corp idea and practice will be welcome to join the Forum.

(The Forum will be conducted in English)


Founding Chair and CEO
Education for Good CIC Ltd.