Alice YUK, BBS, JP

Alice YUK, BBS, JP
Alice YUK, BBS, JP
Hong Kong General Chamber of Social Enterprise

Dr Alice Yuk is an experienced social work professional, administrator and entrepreneur with over 30 years’ experience . She is committed to promoting staff capacity building, development of social services, and actively seeking to improve the well-being of deprived children and families through new policy and enhancing competitiveness in Hong Kong.

Since early 1980’s, she has been working with various sectors to try out social enterprise projects aiming to address a social cause with financial sustainability. She also promotes SEs and trains young SE operators and entrepreneurs in the Mainland and other developing countries. She, being one of the founders of the HK General Chamber of Social Enterprises Ltd., has been its chairman since its inception in 2009.

Dr Yuk has been the President of Hong Kong Social Workers Association( 2011-15) which fosters a high standard of professional practice and ethics of social work in Hong Kong and shows concern on matters relating to the profession, welfare issues and policies. While she was the Chairman of UCNCHs (United Christian Nethersole Community Health Service) Management Committee, which is a self-financing SE promoting and providing wholesome health education and services to individuals in deprived communities, she and the staff team successfully demonstrated a sustainable health service SE model.

Involvement in Social Work and Innovation Education

Dr Alice Yuk sponsors students of Social Work Faculty of China Women’s University in Beijing on research and scholarship purposes for more than a decade; she promotes and provides advice on social work education, social service and SE development in China. She teaches regularly in universities in HK and abroad.

She serves at various schools and NGOs, and is now the CEO of Ebenezer School and Home for the Visually Impaired. Her vision is Nurturing PRIDE for a better world.

Honorary Award

One of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons (1982)
Hong Kong Social Entrepreneur Grand Award (2012)
Outstanding graduate of the Department of Social Work, the University of Hong Kong
Outstanding graduate of the Department of Public Administration, the University of Hong Kong
Justice of the Peace