Apart from the three conference sessions under ‘Unleashing Capital Impacts!’, a number of fund providers will conduct individual consultation with Summit delegates who would like to raise fund for their social innovation projects. Interested delegates are welcome to register for consultation sessions on-site. Each participant can register for a maximum of three individual consultation sessions (15 minutes each). Please bring along your business cards for registration

Consultation Partners:
Public Funds
Hong Kong Productivity Council – SME One
Innovation and Technology Bureau – Innovation and Technology Fund for Better Living
Labour and Welfare Bureau – Community Investment and Inclusion Fund
The Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund – Good Seed
The Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund – Impact Incubator

Private Funds and Crowdfunding Platforms
Credit Suisse – Collective Impact Fund
Next Chapter
Oxfam Hong Kong – Grants from Oxfam’s Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan Programme