While Hong Kong is struggling to find its way out of the current predicament, would community-based social entrepreneurship be a way out for Hong Kong?

Drawing from the experiences of Christopher Gergen, an SES speaker in 2013, three community forums are organized by SES 2014.Presentation from Kowloon City District, Shum Shui Po District, and Southern District forums are invited to share the knowledge accumulated from the community forum. In the hope of “Transforming knowledge into actions, put theories into practices”, the community forums have gathered community stakeholders, collected local social issues, and exchanged ideas on solutions. By building and strengthening the bonding among community parties that have been dedicating their efforts on social innovation and social entrepreneurship, synergy is promoted and the best in them will be brought out.

Three groups of project leaders will summarize their experiences in the past six months, and share with our audience their learning and insights.

Number of participants:  100-150 people

No simultaneous interpretation will be arranged