Asia Top Social Needs (ATSN)


Tell us which social issue you are most concerned about. We will offer the Asia Social Innovation Award to innovators who develop creative solutions to your social issue.
With 3 minutes of your time, you will make the world a better place tomorrow. Vote NOW!

We believe that everyone can take a first step to think an innovative solution to improve the city we live in. If you got an initial social start-up idea, you may send us a Facebook message. Our expert team may further discuss with you.

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About Asia Top Social Needs (ATSN)

ATSN polls citizens from main countries/cities in Asia to discover the most pressing social issues and inspire innovations to solve them afterward through the Asia Social Innovation Award. ATSN is organized by Social Venture Hong Kong (SVhk) in collaboration with Macromill.

For more information, please visit Social Ventures Hong Kong and Asia Social Innovation Award Facebook Page.

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