Chair’s Message

Mrs Rebecca YUNG
Chair, Organising Committee of Social Enterprise Summit

Ten years is a major milestone for an institution. Let us take a pause and look back at this journey. When we first held the Social Enterprise Summit in 2008, the concept of social innovation had not taken root in Hong Kong. Over the years, the Summit has provided us a unique opportunity to start a conversation about social enterprise and social innovation – its values, partnership and impact. As the Summit grows and momentum builds, public awareness on social innovation has increased vastly. And we have built a strong partnership among civil society, business corporations, Government and academia.

2017 is the 10th anniversary of the Summit and this year’s theme is “Unleashing Systemic Change”. We believe that through cross-sectoral collaboration and innovative solutions, especially through the adoption of modern technology, we can unleash the power of everyone to bring systemic changes to society.

We have an exciting program this year. Our two-day conference will bring together around 40 speakers from the U.S., the U.K., Australia, Chile, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Mainland, Taiwan, and Hong Kong to discuss the future of social innovation. There are courses about B Corps. And participators can also get a taste of local culture by joining our community activities held in different districts in Hong Kong. I look forward to seeing you and we can celebrate together.

The fantastic growth of the Summit over the last decade could not have happened without the unfailing commitment and support of the HKSAR government, our partners and friends from different parts of the world. I would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of you. We look ahead at the mountains we will climb. And by joining hands, we can build a better future.