Walking Tours @ Community

Fee: HK$100 (Regular), HK$50 (Student)

This year, we set up guided tours in Central & Western District, Sham Shui Po, Tuen Mun and Southern District to explore different lives and cultures of the districts with participants, with a view on the secret side of the community.
(Pick up at Harbour Road Entrance, HKCEC. Seats are subject to availability.)

Sham Shui Po Community Cultural Tour
2016.09.21/27 2:00PM
Even a developed area, Sham Shui Po spans many antiquated buildings pending reconstruction. Does the disappearance of this accustomed sight mean no place for community economy? In Sham Shui Po Community Cultural Tour, the notion of “sharing economy” will be expounded, revealing how social innovation helps an interdependent community strive for a better life.

Tuen Mun Walled Village Culture Tour
2016.09.22 9:30AM
700 years ago, the To clan came to Tuen Mun from Mainland China and established 5 walled villages, including Nai Wai, Tsing Chuen Wai, Tuen Tsz Wai, Lam Tei and Tuen Mun San Tsuen. In 1718, To clan established To’s Ancestral Hall and the Chung Yi Tong was formed in the period of 1736-1795 which was an important district organization to carry out ritual event “Ta Chiu” (once in ten years). The tour mainly involves walking around the village’s “Memorial Arch”, To’s Ancestral Hall, special temple and “Peach Blossom Trees Garden”. We will visit the village’s traditional buildings and scenic spots under Mr. To’s guidance, who is the most informative indigenous inhabitant of the village’s history. Furthermore, we can know more about Chinese famous poet Tao Yuen Ming’s poetry.

Central & Western District Historical Tram Tour
2016.09.23/25 8:15PM
The slowness of tram seems not fitting into prosperous city, but this offers us a chance to appreciate the city
landscape in such a left-behind speed, and explore local history along the tram track. The journey begins from Whitty Street Depot, passes by City Of Victoria in old days, Happy Valley Racecourse and Hong Kong Cemetery, and returns to Sai Wan, provided with historical photos and descriptions by tour guide. Let us look back to the changes of Northern Hong Kong Island over a hundred year on this long-standing transport.

Southern District Heritage Tour
2016.09.26 2:00PM
Southern District has a long history of population dated back to Hong Kong. The Heritage Tour will take you for a nostalgic walk around the Aberdeen, showcasing the conserved heritage and the rich tradition of Southern District.

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